# I sent a mean email

I sent a mean email, the other day, at work. The email itself was fine, but the context made it awkward.

```text Hi, I’m the [process] killer that Krzysztof mentioned.

I agree with Krzysztof’s suggestion of running the jobs from Monday onwards, and follow Olivier’s recommendation.

It is unfortunate that this situation arose. However, it’s not something that can easily be done from slurm itself, but rather would need our webservice to control the flow a bit.

Indeed, with slurm we prioritise darks vs correction jobs. In our current case, all jobs are correction, thus equal. We could think of a way to handle these situations from within the webservice. There are a number of ways to do it (using heuristics for short jobs, beamlines with beamtime…), it’s something that we should evaluate. Thankfully, this situation is easy to reproduce! :)

Thanks! Cyril ```