Lesson from the skatepark

I originally titled this as skateboarding kids: a teaching for professional life, but I found it too pompous.

I took up skateboarding at 27, which is a grandpa age in this sport. I’m not particularly good at it, but I like the rolling sensation in the bowl.

So here I am, doing my little back-and-forth, dropping, falling, and over again, when this kid, who’s maybe ten, comes over and start telling me how my body’s center of gravity is all over the place, and I’m doing it all wrong.

He’s not wrong, but I don’t appreciate his impertinence. What’s interesting, though, is that he’s too young to be absorbed by self-consciousness and keep his thoughts to himself, and does not get my annoyed hints.

The guy then proceeds to teach me how to shift my weight and turn over.

It was very humbling.

In my mind, it’s a bigger thing than it actually was, but it reminds me to keep cool and stay open minded.

I should come back to this post and write down how it was actually quite a wake-up call.