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You've reached the website for Cyril Danilevski, a compsci student at the University of Aberdeen.

I like to program in many languages, although I must admit having a liking for C and Python.

I write tutorials that may, or may not, be useful.
I highly appreciate biscuits and cakes, which is a good way to lure me into doing something. Especially if it turns out to be fixing your bicycle.


Setting Up Contiki Jackdaw on a RZRaven USB stick

This short tutorial explains how to setup Jackdaw on a RZRaven, and thus use it as a 6lowpan bridge.

Setting Up Contiki 2.6 on an ATmega128rfa1

This short tutorial will guide you through the quest that is installing Contiki 2.6 (ie. the latest) on the fabulous ATmega128rfa1.

Not CS related

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